U.S. Representative Eric Massa resigned this past Monday after male staffers claimed that he was fondling them. Massa denied sexual intent but admitted getting into a “tickle fight” with some of his staffers. He also was living in a townhouse with five of his lower-paid staffers. And now, former subordinates of Massa’s in the navy are coming forward, alleging inappropriate sexual conduct when he worked with them.

Initially, Massa claimed health problems led to his resignation and also suggested he was being pushed out by Democrats for political reasons. However, he later told Fox News, “I wasn’t forced out. I own this. I take full and complete responsibility for my misbehavior.”

Now some Republican members are questioning whether Democrat leadership, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, learned of the allegations months before. However, a resolution calling for an examination of this issue was essentially tabled by a 402-1 vote on a motion by Democrats to refer the harassment allegations to the Ethics Committee.

Sources: CNN.com article by Ed Hornick; “Disgraced ex-Rep. Eric Massa’s long trail of bizarre behavior includes home shared with staffers,” NY Daily News.com

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