According to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), sexual harassment claims by men are on the rise, reports the Associated Press. While women still file the vast majority of harassment claims, and overall claims are on the decline, the percentage of claims filed by men has doubled from 8 to 16 percent in the last 19 years.

Most claims by men are against other men. Sometimes, the allegations are that they are being picked on by other men for being gay or being seen as gay or too effeminate. Other allegations claim unwelcome sexual advances.

Consistent with this trend, the percentage of lawsuits filed by the EEOC on behalf of men hit an all-time high of 14 percent last year. The EEOC says it intends to send a message that such behavior is unacceptable and unlawful and must be taken seriously.

One of the lessons? Employers should take harassment complaints seriously, regardless of the gender of the person making the complaint or the person about whom the complaint is made.

Source: Sam Hananel AP article:

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