In a recent poll by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), most organizations reported that the number of harassment claims is stable, neither rising nor declining. In good news, most respondents report that their organization provides regular harassment training.

SHRM polled 467 randomly-selected members across the country. According to the findings, released in April 2010, when asked whether sexual harassment claims are on the rise, more than half of those responding reported no change in the number of claims, while 25% reported an increase and 18% a decrease.

The good news is that almost two-thirds of the respondents said their company had not received any sexual harassment claims within two years of the poll.

As for training, four out of five respondents said their organization provided sexual harassment prevention training to their employees. out of those, more than one-third provided training annually, with 22% training every other year and 2% every 3 to 5 years. (Other responses included “as needed” or as part of new-hire orientation.) And four out of five of those providing anti-harassment training provide it to all their employees.

Interestingly, nearly one-fifth of respondents reported that an equal number of men and women had made sexual harassment claims at their organization.

Source: SHRM Survey (with link to downloadable survey at the bottom)

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