Yesterday, another city employee sued Bob Filner, former mayor of San Diego, alleging sexual harassment. Allegations by city parks employee Stacy McKenzie alleges that he used the now-famous “Filner headlock” on her, asked her out for a date, and engaged in other inappropriate statements and touching.

This lawsuit is unusual in that it was accompanied by an eery – some might say creepy – animated video illustrating some of the allegations.  You can watch the video here. (McKenzie’s attorney, who commissioned the video, says that it  “downplays” some of the alleged conduct.) As her attorney points out, it’s unusual to use animation in sexual harassment lawsuits, though it’s been used for years in car crash cases. He says, “We hope that the employers out there who regularly sexually harass their employees with impunity will think twice when they realize their actions may end up on a screen in front a jury someday, in the form of an animation.”

That’s actually not a bad test for determining whether behavior is appropriate in the workplace: how comfortable would you be if a jury saw your behavior animated?

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

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