Business Writing Training and Email Writing Seminars

Business Writing Training and Email Writing

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Just stop.

Are your employees representing your company in a professional manner?

Some clients and customers care about spelling and grammar. All clients and customers care about having their emails and calls handled diplomatically, with the right tone and approach. Poor writing skills can lose your company credibility and business. And poor writing can even lead to lawsuits. Too, coworkers who use poor communication skills  – either in-person or by email –  can spell disaster for morale and productivity.


on-site business writing training, email writing training

You texted what?!

The problem is that often, even college graduates are lacking the writing skills needed to succeed in the workplace. And too many employees don’t even think of email writing or texting as “business writing,” even though both can be legal documents. It’s up to companies to ensure that their employees have the appropriate skills and knowledge. That’s where business writing training and one-on-one business writing coaching come in.


business writing training, email writing training

Alisa A. Shorago, J.D.

“[Alisa Shorago] is an incredible communicator and speaker.”

“It’s great. [T]his course focuses on writing in professional environment/writing emails, which no one ever really taught me.”

Shorago Training Services offers on-site business writing training seminars at your company that can address a number of writing problems. Business writing training seminars range from basic skill-building in topics like grammar and punctuation, to writing better emails, to high-level persuasive writing tips and techniques. One-on-one coaching can be by itself or occur after a seminar to support and reinforce learning.

Below are some sample course listings. Keep in mind that we can customize trainings for your company’s needs. Courses range from 90 minutes to six hours, depending on training needs.

Sample Topics – Business Writing Training Courses

  • Getting Rid of Grammatical, Punctuation, Spelling, and Other Errors
  • Business Emails: Writing Professional and Effective Emails
  • Polished and Persuasive Writing for Businesspeople



For more information or to book a training that your employees will learn from and enjoy, click here to contact us or call (619) 280-8894

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