On-Site Business Communication Skills Training and Workplace Professionalism Training

Business Communication Skills Training

business communication skills training, workplace professionalism seminarAre your employees representing your company in a professional, effective manner? Clients and customers care deeply about having positive communication with your company’s employees. Poor communication skills or lack of workplace professionalism can lose your company credibility and business. And poor communication skills between coworkers or bosses and subordinates can spell disaster for morale and productivity. If any of these problems plague your company, consider on-site business communication skills training.

business communication skills training, on-site business professionalism seminars

Alisa A. Shorago, J.D.

Through Shorago Training Services, Alisa A. Shorago, J.D. offers on-site communication trainings at your company in a number of areas, all customized to the participants’ needs. For instance, business presentation skills seminars can be tailored for employees at different levels, from those new to or uncomfortable with public speaking to experienced presenters or trainers who are looking to take their presentation skills to the next level.

Below are some sample course listings. Courses range from 90 minutes to six hours, depending on training needs.

Business Etiquette/Workplace Professionalism Training

Business Presentation Training Courses

  • Presentation Skills for Beginner Public Speakers
  • Presentation Skills for Executives
  • Training Skills for the Trainer

Workplace Communication Training Courses

  • Communication Skills for Excellent Client/Customer Service
  • Effective Workplace Communication Across the Generations
  • Communication Skills for Supervisors

Compliance/Legal Training

  • Business Ethics
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Legal Issues for Supervisors



For more information or to book a training that your employees will learn from and enjoy, click here to contact us or call (619) 280-8894

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